Valorant Morocco


With the release of the new Agent KillJoy the 3RD Sentinel of Valorant, the game provide some new ways to manage the kind of game-plays team would have on the competitive way, the sentinels have an extreme potential of slowing the games, talking about the traps & the camera of Cypher or even the slows and the wall of Sage, that make them extremely difficult to engage on them if you face this team composition as an attackers, the fact is that even if the strat for the moment looks over-op, it remains extremely weak in offence.

Certainly, this new meta can give a lot of advantages for the defenders but even if that looks op like that it remain extremely weak on the attack meanwhile all the sentinels have to try to get over the sites to try to plant the spikes using on majority slow controls/traps/walls or even the robots of Killjoy.

What do you guys think about the Triple Sentinel Meta, should it work or it’s not that critical that it looks like, share with us your toughs on the comments section !

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