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All what you need to know about the charity tournament

Hello ladies and gentlements on the habit we share news and normal posts but this specific one is more adressed to all the players participating on the tournament.
You must respect those rules, in order to participate to the tournament of this week-end.

1. The full team need to be on the discord voice-chats of Valorant Morocco (None will disturb them) (or at least the captain).
2. Teams have the right of a 10 minutes extra time in case (a player didnt showed up on time).
3. Tournament schedule may be delayed a little bit ~ regarding the duration of the games.
4. All the games are best of one excluding the final who gonna be played as a best of 3.
5. Joykill is permantly banned from this tournament.
6. For the map choose, both teams will ban a MAP (the teams wlil convince the map they will play in regarding of the 2 remaining if they dont choose the map selected will be a random one from the twoo remaining.
7. Insults & Disrespect may lead you to a permanent ban from any event related to Valorant Morocco, fight with honor and dignity.
8. The pause-round is disabled on this tournament.
9. Some players are famous about how bronze or silver they are if on this tournament they play like immortals we can take some measures against them.
10. Share this post with your teamates and be sure that they are aware of all this rules.

Most important point, it’s charity tournament we will try to provide you the best experience you could have, and we count on your support to share this post with the maximum of your friends, it’s time to make the revolution on e-sport in Morocco !

Since it’s a charity tournament, and all the money will be distributed to homeless people in need on this period of the corona virus, we decided to give a special border, for the winning team (an animated border extremly beautifull that you would be able to use on the upcoming tournament with a high cash-prize).

More informations to come, catch you tomorrow on the live & on the fields for the participants.

The games will be broadcasted on

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